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The topic of the call is “Smart Solutions for Ageing well”. The aim of this international call for proposals is to support innovative.
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The main objective of the small collaborative projects is the exploration of new ideas, concepts and approaches for ICT-based solutions for older adults. They should reach out to new stakeholders for inclusion in future development of AAL solutions, build strong collaborations with end-user organisations, support community building with new customers and create shared agendas.

The Challenge Of God's Call

With regard to collaborative projects, the following countries with a total of 20 Funding Authorities will participate in the call: And what he saw of himself he did not like at all! He saw himself as being tainted by the sinful world he lived in. Why did he speak like that? It was his re-action to seeing King Jesus! When he saw Jesus, he also saw himself - the two contrasts! To see the Living God through such a spiritual experience as Isaiah had causes us to also see ourselves. It makes us realize how hopeless and helpless we are without Him!

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If only Uzziah had seen the King of Glory, rather than his own pride and success. What a difference that would have made to his life's testimony! Once Isaiah had seen himself, one of the seraphims came to him with a live coal from off God's altar and laid it on his mouth.

What can Isaiah say? What can he do?

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How will he respond to such a direct question? He has had such an encounter with God, he is willing to respond with his own life: Isaiah accepts the challenge of the call of God.

  • Sonata No. 5 in F Major, Op. 73;
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  • He is not worried about someone else answering the call. God's fire, through the seraphims, had penetrated, permeated and cleansed him in such a way he knew what his generation needed. It needed the Living God!


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